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“We offer a wide range of maintenance options that allow you to operate your amusement rides according to the highest safety and security standards.” -- Peter Schäfer, CEO

The entire maintenance program can be tailored to your specific needs, or, upon initial inspection, we can recommend specific steps to maintain the ride’s safety and integrity.


- Complete disassembly of the vehicle to check for wear and tear
- Disassembly of the restraint systems to check for crack formation
- Ultrasound-Inspection of all relevant components
- Inspection of all welded joints and seams, including possible
  repairs and replacements
- Removal of old paint job via sand blast cleaning
- Renewal of existing paint job or complete re-design, including
  priming and finishing
- Inspection of all main and support wheels for wear and tear, and
  to assure fit of all bearings
- Fitting all bogies with completely new wheels
- Complete Re-Assembly of the vehicle, including adjustment and
- Performance Test and QA report
- Pickup and Delivery through our freight forwarding partner
- Custom wishes upon request
- Our production is based on the most current DIN-EN standards